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Environmental Credentials

Environmental Credentials

Lundia timber shelving has a Carbon Footprint approximately 90% lower than an equivalent Steel Shelving System.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency recently reported on a study looking at the environmental impact of wood and wooden furniture using a Life Cycle Approach. The analysis took in the entire cycle from logging to processed products. As a raw material, wood harvested in a sustainable manner has a minimal negative effect on the environment. The consumption of wood generates no carbon emissions because it is a renewable resource. The main impact is derived from logging and transport. The study found that wood is CO2 neutral. The CO2 liberated on combustion or decomposition is equal to the amount assimilated by the tree during its growth. The processing of the wood and the use of other materials such as glues, impregnating compounds and varnishes add to the environmental impact

The manufacture of metals was found to be energy intensive. The process of manufacturing the metals used a great deal of energy and also produced high CO2 emissions. The manufacture of metals also results in high levels of air and water pollution. Of the energy used to convert logs to sawn timber, a large proportion of that energy is supplied by wood waste, which is also renewable.

In summary, all the studies suggested that the use of wood was significantly better for the environment than alternative materials. (Source

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