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Save Space by Mobilising Shelving

Save Space by Mobilising Shelving

Lundia Modular Shelving can be mobilised, thereby simplifying the heaviest and most demanding storage requirements.

Mobile shelving systems are custom-made to suit any space, design and storage need. The unique space-saving design of the Lundia Mobile system offers flexibility, strength, and re-usability with virtually no maintenance.

The Lundia Mobile shelving system also ensures optimisation of floor space, providing space savings of up to 50% over conventional static shelving systems.

Finished with solid timber, the shelves are smooth on the top and bottom, ensuring you never get snagged on metal shelf corners. The timber construction absorbs noise and the mobile mechanism moves the unit silently. The Lundia Shelving is mechanically assisted and also features a tracking system, allowing greater ease of movement. The Manual force required to move a mobile unit is 0.05% of the weight with a handwheel. Therefore 10 tonnes of loaded shelf weight will require 5kg of force.

Lundia Mobile Shelving Systems are the space-saving solution for businesses wanting to maximise their space and functionality.

Good-looking, strong and sturdy, the manually operated range is customised to your requirements. The tracking system ensures ease of movement, and each shelf can carry loads of up to 200kg.

"The Lundia Rotadrive is designed to make the heaviest and most demanding storage requirements easy. Being a mechanically assisted system, it enables the user to effortlessly move huge quantities of fully loaded shelves. One drive shaft connects the roller bearings under each pair of upright frames. This ensures a perfectly accurate traction and extremely smooth, quiet movement of each mobile. With one effortless turn of a wheel you can virtually move mountains." (Lundia NZ)

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